About Us

CAT started as a pilot project in fall of 2011 after funding was approved the previous April. We initially received funding for a two-year project, and our first group of trainees numbered 201. Of these, 151 successfully learned one or more bus routes.

Christmas Party 2013In June 2014 we presented a delegation to the City of Hamilton Public Works Committee, covered both by CBC Hamilton and The Hamilton Spectator, to provide a summary of the project. In the fall of 2014 our third-party evaluator, Sara Mayo from the Social Planning Research Council of Hamilton, joined us to speak about bus training to the Canadian Urban Transit Association annual fall conference, as well as to the Southern Network of Specialized Care research forum.

City Hall 2014In 2015, funding for our program was renewed for one year. In 2016, our funding became permanent. We continue to teach bus routes to adults and transition-aged youth with developmental disabilities who are referred to us by agencies or secondary schools or who refer themselves.

To date, we have offered travel training on local routes to over 440 people, with a running completion rate of approximately 72%.