Community Access to Transportation

This city-funded program teaches people who use developmental services in Hamilton to ride the bus independently. The first part of training is taught in a classroom. The second part is taught individually, with a trainer, on the bus. These are some of the skills that are taught both in class and on the bus:

Planning a route
Getting to the bus stop safely (including sidewalk safety)
Waiting safely (including safety with strangers)
Getting on the bus safely
Riding the bus safely
Getting off the bus safely
Walking safely to a destination

Produced for Community Access to Transportation by Airborne Video Productions

This video is a general overview that is not intended to replace the instruction that may be necessary to meet individual needs or to cover safety considerations specific to a given bus route. It is part of a comprehensive bus training curriculum and is posted in the interest of information exchange. Neither Community Access to Transportation nor The Salvation Army Lawson Ministries nor the City of Hamilton assumes liability for its contents or use thereof.